Babel Britain (After Verhaecht)

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Artist: Emily Allchurch
Materials: Transparency on bespoke LED lightbox (edition of 20, 10 available)
Size: 128 x 140 cm
Medium: Print

Price: £12,000

Since completing my MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in 1999, I have developed a complex digital collage technique to recreate Old Master paintings and prints in a contemporary idiom. My starting point is an intensive encounter with a city or place, to absorb an impression and gather a huge image library. From this resource, hundreds of photos are selected and meticulously spliced together to ‘construct’ my story, creating a seamless new ‘fictional’ space. The works have a resonance with place, history and culture, and deal with the passage of time and the changes to a landscape, fusing contemporary life with a sense of history, and an underlying social narrative

Emily Allchurch


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