Flying Rat

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Artist: Agata Wojcieszkiewicz
Materials: Oil and acrylic on canvas
Size: 100 x 80 cm
Medium: Oil

Price: £7,600

This work is about the human condition, as well as a grief after losing somebody. It is also about exclusion from the society where "flying rat” (pigeon) could be a symbol of it. It is based only on events taken from my life.

Through this work, I try to explore and question ideas around cultural identity, sense of belonging and what it means to be an artist.

Self-representation features alongside people as well as objects derived from my close surroundings.

Time and place are also important to me. It is a self-portrait where imagery from the past and present of my surrounding world is brought together in the timeless composition – I am the faceless silhouette of a cleaner performing deep clean, commonly known as "infectious scrub" (which I do during my part-time hospital job in areas where someone just passed away). Here, I am doing it in a domestic environment.

I also represent an immigrant stuck in limbo between the past and present worlds, unable to feel at home in my adopted country yet no longer having a sense of belonging in my home country, depicting the anonymity and marginalisation of such existence as well as the impotence within the wider socio-political context.

Agata Wojcieszkiewicz


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