The Human Cargo

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Artist: Chiara Criniti
Materials: Mixed media (graphite, pastels, collage) on recycled wrapping paper and pages from an old Atlas
Size: 58 x 225 cm
Medium: Mixed Media

Price: £6,850

The human cargo (La tonnellata umana) is the term defining the mass of Italian migrants packed in horrendous conditions onto the boats travelling to Latin America at the beginning of the 20th century. My artwork, depicted on recycled packaging paper, is inspired by the dramatic issue of migration in various ages and countries: starting at the beginning of the 20th century with the migration of Italian peasants to Latin America, passing through the great migration from Albania to Italy in the 1990s, ending with today’s tragic arrival of refugees from northern Africa. The sea is the common thread binding all these generations of very different people, running away from poverty, the atrocities of wars and hunger. The work is divided into three sections from left to right: 1. Ship, 2. Vlora, 3. Lampedusa

Chiara Criniti


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