The Jury in Widescreen

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Artist: Thomas Doran
Materials: Oil on plaster
Size: 20 x 86 cm

Price: £2,850

In a single shot, a camera pans across the jury of a courtroom drama from 1972. Daytime TV series Crown Court used genuine members of the public to deliver the verdict on its imaginary legal cases. I'm addicted to the DVDs and wanted to give some of its participants an unlikely add-on to their modest fifteen minutes of fame. It's also a meditation on different visual tropes; the curved, domestic confines of old cathode ray TV stretched out into an imitation of today's faux-cinematic digital screens. The original shot tracked right-to-left but the images are arranged in order of appearance in a standard left-to-right reading, creating a minor time/space paradox. 

Thomas Doran


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