Artist: Charlotte Keates
Materials: Acrylic and oil on panel
Size: 132 x 212 cm

Price: £7,500

Kaleidoscope gives the impression of bringing together disparate imagery and fitting it together, like a jigsaw made up of different puzzles. The pool is almost cut out and dropped down through the ceiling, as it mirrors the space above. With a bold graphic aesthetic, I hope it gives the illusion of three-dimensional space, giving way to other formal devices such as line, pattern or flat passages of colour. At a certain moment things that appear architectural turn into purely graphic or decorative motifs with no discernible function in the space depicted. In this way, I want them to become somewhat flights of fancy, leading us into the realms of utopias and dystopias, of ideal spaces and places that fall short of these ideals to varying degrees.

Charlotte Keates


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