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Artist: Carl Laubin
Materials: Oil on canvas
Size: 140 x 240 cm
Medium: Oil

Price: £100,000

Klenzeana is a capriccio depicting the architecture of the 19th-century Bavarian architect Leo von Klenze. A contemporary of the better known Schinkel, Leo von Klenze was the fifth recipient of the RIBA Gold Medal for architecture and a good friend of T. L. Donaldson, one of the founders of the RIBA. He was also a contemporary of C.R. Cockerell, the first recipient of the RIBA Gold Medal and the artist who has inspired my capricci with his paintings The Professor's Dream and A Tribute to Sir Christopher Wren. Cockerell and von Klenze had many shared interests in neoclassical architecture and archaeology, studying many of the same sites in Greece and Italy.

Carl Laubin


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