Ludigo's Stories, Time Will Tell

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Artist: Jo Shepherd
Materials: Oil on canvas
Size: 128 x 97 cm
Medium: Oil

Price: £4,500

This is a portrait of Ludigo; Ugandan artist, social activist, storyteller and entrepreneur. I first met him in 2009 on a trip to build a classroom at an orphanage in Kampala, Uganda. Ludigo was our chaperone. 

Impressed by his determination, passion and drive, I have followed his journey over the last 8 years, a journey that has seen him pursue his vision to use art as a tool for social change amongst the poorest and most vulnerable in Ugandan society.

 I was delighted to have the opportunity to paint several portraits of him when he finally got the chance to visit the UK at the invitation of Charter House School. He was our house guest for two weeks.

The backdrop of the painting is an African-print fabric that he brought as a gift and the images surrounding him are recreations of Ludigo's own wood-cut prints, each of which tells it's own story. 

Ludigo's journey has been one of successes and devastating setbacks. In this portrait, I hope to have caught something of his vulnerability as well as his determination.

'Time will tell' is one of his favourite catch phrases. 

Jo Shepherd


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