Artist: Laura Guoke
Materials: Oil and acrylic on canvas
Size: 200 x 122 cm
Medium: Acrylic, Oil

Price: £6,000

This artwork is from  a series of portraits depicting the hardships of life in a Lithuanian village.In 2015, Laura Guoke implemented creative project „in Lithuanian village“. In it she actualize social problems of the country by means of a diverse and multidimensional artistic language. Laura reveal daily reality of the Lithuanian village and accentuates its critical condition. With this project she strives for denial of any stereotypes formed with regard to people of the todays‘s Lithuanian village and their living as well as for demonstration that all these people are related by circumstances, authentic stories and common values. When analysing change in life (and culture) of the Lithuanian village, devalvation of some of the traditions and customs, impact of foreign cultures and formation of new traditions, Laura Guoke attempt to find reasons which predetermined the picture of a new Lithuanian village.

Laura Guoke


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