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Artist: Chris Jones
Materials: Oil on canvas
Size: 82 x 122 cm
Medium: Oil

Price: £3,500

'Reflections' shows a man sitting on a bench deep in thought. He is reading something on his mobile phone, maybe a text message or something which is troubling him. His mirrored sunglasses show the phone and give a hint about what he is looking at. The image, therefore, works on more than one level: the visual depiction of physical reflections as rendered in the chosen media of oil on canvas and also the underlying narrative. What has happened prior to this frozen moment in time? His preoccupied expression and body language tells the viewer that all is not well. The soft drink he's holding is a visual clue than maybe the fun he seeks is eluding him. He is placed to the left of the composition giving a subtle visual tension to imply the absence of the person he is thinking of.

Chris Jones


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