A Stroll by the Seine (Late Afternoon, Paris)

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Artist: David Vincent Wheeler
Materials: Oil on canvas
Size: 79 x 157 cm
Medium: Oil

Price: £12,000

My painting concentrates on the urban environment and is informed by both European and American Realism. I am exploring objective concerns while combining this with the tension of a narrative, hinting at the fragility of the times in which we live. I am also interested in capturing the timeless spirit of a place, juxtaposing this with elements of the here and now, be it the passing of a speedboat on a waterway or the quiet moments of an individual in contemplation.

The classical principals of structure underpin my compositions and create a harmonious whole, attention to the contrasts of surface textures allows the specific characteristics of the scene to live and breathe. I prefer the panoramic view as this allows me and the spectator to become fully immersed in the scene. I tend to use a limited palette which centres around the warm end of the colour spectrum, earth colours, cadmiums and colbalt blue which enables an intensity of light and shade to be conveyed.

The time of day is of great importance to me, such as late afternoon when the contrast between long cast shadows and highlighted objects becomes exaggerated and holds a particular feeling of spiritual significance before the ending of a day.  

David Vincent Wheeler


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