Artist: Layla Rose
Materials: Mixed media, acrylic, oil paint and pastel
Size: 110 x 88 cm
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil

Price: £5,000

Tempus: meaning time or stage in Latin.

This painting is one of a series that focus on the early phases of becoming self-aware. Through this work, I intend to conjure both the playful and turbulent elements in maturing. A procession of tiny linear moments that lead to bigger choices, ultimately shaping our character in adult life. How we use this crucial developmental time is not necessarily driven by free will through our earlier years. The way in which our brains are wired and continue to make new connections through this time is largely genetic, but there are many other factors that contribute to how we evolve as individuals.

Do you ever remember feeling comforted by an action or familiar to a place that you had never stepped through before? Generational knowledge is a topic that I wish to mirror in the way that I leave parts of an image unfinished or painted over and over. I enjoy marrying these sorts of sensational déjà vu, eureka moments with intuitive mark making. Underneath the image I have written a story from my own childhood, which also helps me connect with using paint in this way. Nature moves through us all in the same league as nurture. 

Layla Rose


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