In That Time

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Artist: Kate Newington
Materials: Acrylic on recycled canvas
Size: 95 x 79 cm
Medium: Acrylic

Price: £8,000

This picture was made following my mother’s death when I was left a pile of her recently finished and unfinished canvasses and boxes of black and white photos of family and friends going back over more than a hundred years.

‘In That Time’ evolved first by partial obliteration. By scumbling off-white paint over one of the uncompleted paintings, bits of the original imagery bled through or remained exposed and acted as a framework for an image of myself as a youngster on holiday on the sand dunes in the Channel Islands in earlier happy-go-lucky times. The flying seagulls in the distance tell us we are by the sea and for me (because I am a bit of an ornithophobe) they bring a slight sense of foreboding to the picture - of future times that might not be quite so carefree...

This was the second in a series of paintings that I decided to do to explore the strong and complicated feelings I had about my mother and to attempt to draw the past into the present and make something new out of the integration of memories and current reflections.

Kate Newington


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